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With the state of the air quality in the country depleting rapidly, especially in Delhi and parts of north India, most people are trying to protect themselves with masks when they go out. In the winter of 2017, the air quality in Delhi was so poor that it surpassed that of Beijing’s — a city that is notorious for its air pollution. The city was called a “gas chamber” by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal! While there is a hunt for solutions to tackle the pollution and reduce carcinogenic matter in the air, your best bet is to protect yourself with a good-quality N95 mask.


What’s an N95 Mask and How Does It Help?
An N95 mask is a protective respiratory device which is designed to filter the air that is going into your lungs. The mask is supposed to have a tight fit around your nose and mouth. The close fit ensures efficient filtration of harmful airborne particles.



The following are some of the features you should look for in a good-quality N-95 mask:

  • Adjustable Nose Clip: Some of the more economical and convenient masks will typically have an adjustable nose clip, which helps provide you a custom fit.
  • Lightweight: The masks should be lightweight and easily portable. Their lightness also ensures you can go about your work without any hindrance or inconvenience.
  • Uses: The mask should be suitable for use in various fields and protect you from airborne particles from activities like grinding, sanding, sweeping, sawing, etc. The mask should also provide protection from other liquid or non-oil based particles, from products like sprays, which do not emit oil aerosols or vapours.

Where Can You Buy Such a Mask?

Many such masks are available in the market. You can purchase them at a nearby chemist too. But the most convenient thing to do would be to simply place an order online.

The 3M 8210/9010 N95 mask is available on Amazon as well as our own website. The product is sold by us on Amazon under the name clickforsign and we directly sell the product through our website as well. We are authorised distributors of a large range of 3M’s safety products.

The mask is NIOSH approved to provide at least 95% filtration of non-oil-based airborne matter. The mask’s lightweight construction ensures you can wear them for a long time as it provides greater worker acceptance. The protective respiratory mask is available in a pack of 1,2,10,20,160, so you are practically taken care of for the entire winter season when air pollution is typically at its worst.


Final Thoughts
As the quality of air in Indian cities (and the world over) takes a hit, there’s a sobering reminder that the environment, as well as human, animal and plant life, needs to be protected. As governments and world citizens put their heads together to find a solution to this problem, you can do your bit to protect yourself and your family. Invest in an N95 mask to breathe a better quality of air. Your lungs will thank you!